We’re chopping thousands of pounds of Bartlett pears in our production kitchen today.

Not a bad way to welcome Fall! « Spoon Blog

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

I love pears.  Just made a huge batch of peach/pear salsa last week. American Spoon is simply an amazing company in northern Michigan. Incredible food, spot-on brand, and a market presence that stretches far beyond our little borders.  If you’ve never been to their sweet restaurant in Petoskey, you’re truly missing a gem.

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Northern Michigan’s Owned Canned Goods

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

Today, while shopping at my local natural foods store Oryana, my friend Andy helped me stumble upon this product.  He was looking for pumpkin to add to a harvest beer concoction.  On the surface it’s not all that exciting, but when you look closely there are some critical things occuring. The first for us in northern Michigan is that Omena Organics is a regional company, based in Leelanau County.  The second is that the product is organic.  The third is that it’s a local “canned” product.  We just don’t have many of them to speak of.  And finally the price, at Oryana at least, is .40 cents less than comparable organic brands from much further away.  

I point this out because there is often a misrepresentation that “local” food translates to more expensive food.  It’s just not true.  It’s especially unjust when you begin to calculate the trickel down benefits of transportation costs, local community economic benefit, etc.  There’s simply no reason NOT to buy this product over another.

Pumpkin pie anyone?

Honor The Earth: Ride for Mother Earth

http://www.honorearth.org/donate Honor the Earth Ride Schedule: Sept 29th Day 1: Enbridge Ceremony 9AM. Untrailer horses immediately after at Wisconsin-Minne…

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

Winona Laduke is a hero in any definition of the word. This is another example of her dedicated leadership in respect to the planet. I like that her solutions don’t necessarily include the term “environment.”  They are more precisely directed at the cultural impacts of these threats.  This ride is a protest of the XL Pipeline and of Enbridge Corp’s efforts to build further tar sands transportation facilities.

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Bicycling Is Badly In Need Of Some Good P.R.

Do you love cyclists, or want to push them off the road? (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The world seems to be divided into two camps on bicyclists.

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

The whole Citi Bike thing is such an easy target. Terrible to pick on something like that to represent the entire bicylcing community. Unfortunately ridicule is part of the pathway to mainstream recognition.

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In Paris, Thefts and Vandalism Could Force Bike-Share to Shrink

While North America has been buzzing with enthusiasm over the relatively recent introduction of bike-share, there’s been some sobering news recently from a city that’s had its system in place since 2007.

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

I recently saw a very entertaining YouTube video where a world-class BMX rider takes a CityBike for a spin.  Chaos on the streets ensues and the bike is left slighty worse for the wear.  Nothing near what is happening in Paris. C’est la vie!

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In produce, the best isn’t always pretty

Several weeks ago, I received a bag of Gravenstein apples fresh-picked from a backyard tree. They were squat and mottled, and, from the occasional puncture hole, I could tell that the birds had enjoyed them first.

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

This is a terrific article on the artiface of produce purchasing.  It looks to examine the reasons we require “porn” versions of food to help us equate quality.  “Our preference for uniform, camera-ready produce is shaped partly by marketing and partly by USDA regulations that stipulate all commercially grown fruits and vegetables must be at least 90 percent blemish-free.”

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