Scrubbing Up: Do hospitals legitimise junk food?

A cardiologist argues hospitals legitimise junk food and suggest they must lead by example. (Is it right for hospitals to serve junk food on site? Could it be legitimising these addictions to patients?

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

I know this is an issue in many hospitals across the country. Let’s face it, feeding people can be expensive especially in an institutional setting where you may not be paid for the food you’re serving.  I recently had an especially good experience at Munson Hospital here in northern Michigan. I was able to order food from a menu in my room, anytime I felt the urge.  The food itself was pretty darn good too.  If I chose something that was too fatty, or wasn’t representing a good balance, I’d literally get a call from a nutrionist!  So hats off to you Munson, and other hospitals that take nutrition, food education, and patient care seriously.

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